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Silkworm Kits

Educational Science is a USDA-Aphis inspected containment facility and importer of silkworm eggs


SILKWORM KITS and Butterfly Farm live material kits can be ordered with a mail in certificate for the live material (tell us when you need the live material shipped) or with the live material shipped with kit -ASAP (designated by the letter "A" (BF200A VS BF200) after the catalog number.



Silkworm Egg Handling/ Hatching Instructions

Keep eggs in a warm dry area. Up to 1000 silkworm eggs can be hatched in the included large 150mm Petri dish. The dark purple eggs will hatch 7-14 days after shipping when maintained at 75-82F. For faster hatching, maintain the eggs in an incubator at 80-82F. After hatching maintain the eggs at room temperature. One to two days prior to hatching, the silkworm eggs will turn a light blue/gray color. Keep the eggs out of direct sunlight or heat source to prevent condensation. Condensation will cause the eggs not to hatch and will void our hatch guarantee. For best results hatch the eggs at room temperature ( 75-77F) and feed worms within 48-hrs of hatching to avoid die off. Allow all eggs to hatch before feeding Neonatal Silkworms (24-hrs after you see the first ones hatch and no longer then 48-hrs). Once all the worms have all hatched, (if you look underneath the Petri dish, you should see mostly white egg shells.) grate a small layer of mulberry food over the top of the silkworms (use the smallest grate size on a cheese grater). Grate the silkworm food right on top of the worms covering the entire surface area of the dish. To prevent mold, keep away from direct sunlight or heat source and do not over feed. Allow prior food pieces to dry, before feeding again. Allow the small neonatal silkworms to crawl up on top of the grated food. After 24-hrs, transfer the Petri dish contents including silkworms, food, and frass (waste) into the bottom of an open plastic shoe-box or flat cookie pan. Using one hand gently tap the inverted Petri dish and empty it out into the rearing container). Continue to feed the worms daily or as required using a cheese grater. For best results, DO NOT USE AN INCUBATOR AFTER THE SILWORM EGGS HATCH.