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HORNWORM (Manduca sexta) REARING AND BREEDING KITS, EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES. Hornworm eggs, larvae, pupae and rearing and breeding kits, Manduca sexta set up and feeder cultures and rearing and breeding supplies and equipment. Insect Feeders Info Insect feeders are mainly used as a source of food for your reptile pets. For instance, lizards, frogs, and some snakes dine on insects. It can be a pain to go back and forth to the pet store to purchase insects for them to eat. An alternative to this is an insect feeder. You can purchase insects from online stores that specialize in reptiles or other animals that feed on bugs. Insect feeders can be ordered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Educational Science now offers retail and wholesale hornworm feeder kits (cat no.HFC150C) which include six mail in certificates (shipping included) that are redeemable for 30 small (early instar) hornworm feeder cups with sufficient food to grow over 1.5 inch. With the hornworm feeder kit you can receive regular shipment of worms and save money on high shipping cost and overgrown worms that must be discarded What Is Included? Most reptiles eat crickets or some type of worm, such as the silkworm. These bugs are highly nutritious for most pet reptiles. Silkworms are excellent sources of calcium and protein, and make a great alternative to other common feeders. Silkworms, hornworms, painted lady butterflies, and crickets are usually available year round, and come in different sizes. You can also order them in specific quantities to meet your needs. Insect feeders make taking care of your reptile pet so much easier. For a continuous supply of hornworms consider breeding your own with a hornworm breeding kit (Cat No THK1000) available from Educational Science. Consider adding Painted Lady Feeder butterflies to your reptile cage. Your pet chameleons will love the flying pet food!!!! The Painted Lady butterfly is quite nutricious and an excellent enrichment feeder. Watch your chameleon hunt butterflies in flight. Painted Lady adult butterfly wingspan is 2.5-3 inches. The painted Lady butterflies will live about a month if cared for properly.