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Monarch Butterfly Kits

Butterfly Farm™ kits give you a front-row seat to a miracle of nature...the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. Watch the complete life cycle of the Monarch or Painted Lady butterfly unfold: egg, larvae, chrysalis, emergence, and the mating and egg-laying rituals. Witness caterpillars hatch from tiny eggs, molt several times, spin silk, pupate and transform into beautiful chrysalises. Discover amazing butterfly rituals...the Monarch caterpillar wiggling a Hawaiian hula as it slips into its jade-green chrysalis... the breathtaking slow dance of a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis... a female Monarch laying her eggs on the bottom of milkweed leaves with the balancing act of a trapeze artist...the hatching of a second-generation Painted Lady egg. Start your own butterfly garden with a milkweed plant, the butterfly magnet of the plant kingdom. Just set it out- female Monarch butterflies will magically appear to lay their eggs on the leaves. Give a gift that lifts the spirits - a Monarch chrysalis hatching kit. The hatching kit requires no care and offers young children our shut-ins the unforgettable experience of a Monarch butterfly emerging from it chrysalis. Rearing, growing and breeding kits include: butterfly certificate redeemable for 3-12 Monarch or Painted Lady caterpillars; milkweed seeds and plants (Monarch); Hollyhock seeds and plants (Painted Lady); artificial diet with rearing cups; rearing cage; larvae brush and/or forceps; butterfly feeding kit; observation/breeding enclosure; and rearing/breeding Monarch Rearing, Growing, and Breeding Kits with Monarch caterpillars (larvae) with artificial diet or host plants. Butterfly Farm live material kits can be ordered with a mail in certificate for the live material or with the live material shipped with kit -ASAP (designated by the letter "A" (BF200A VS BF200) after the catalog number. All shipments containing live material must be opened immediately upon receipt. We are not responsible for live material that are left unattended. IMPORTANT: Monarch rearing and breeding kits with the letter A (ship live material ASAP-No certificate) after the catalog number REQUIRE THAT YOU HAVE A SOURCE OF FRESH MILKWEED to feed your larvae. We reserve the right to SUBSTITUTE A CERTIFICATE IN PLACE OF THE LIVE MATERIAL for ASAP orders when the weather is intemperate. Intemperate summer or winter weather may require that we HOLD (until weather moderates) Live material certificates purchased with priority mail shipping and require overnight shipping for ASAP live material orders. For more information please contact us.