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Educational Science manufactures and distributes science kits, science novelties, nature kits, biotechnology education kits and equipment, and entomology kits and equipment.

Our mission at Educational Science is to make science fun. We are committed to advancing science education in primary and secondary schools. We promote scientific education and research by developing educational science and nature kits that are fun and teach kids the basic science principles. Most of our science kits include learning objectives and science project suggestions.

Butterfly Farm™ - Our Newest Product!

In our research laboratories, we formulated and tested our own artificial diets for Painted Lady and Monarch butterflies. These diets contain processed malva (for the Painted Lady) and processed milkweed (for the Monarch). The artificial diets meet all the nutritional requirements needed by the Painted Lady or Monarch larvae to complete their life cycle without requiring host plants.

After testing our artificial diets with professional breeders, we launched our newest product line, Butterfly Farm™ Monarch and Painted Lady rearing and breeding kits.

The kits contain a butterfly certificate that customers mail in to us to receive caterpillars, chrysalides, or milkweed plants. All our caterpillars are shipped in special humidity-controlled cups with their species-specific artificial diet.

The artificial diets offer an additional advantage to teachers-you can begin as soon as your caterpillars arrive, without the need to search locally for pesticide-free host plants to feed the caterpillars. If you prefer to raise the Monarch caterpillars on milkweed plants, however, Educational Science offers pesticide-free milkweed plants. Or you can start your own school or home butterfly garden. We ship the live pesticide-free milkweed plants and livestock via two-day air to the customer's home or school. These products are available year round.

Monarch Butterfly Conservation

Educational Science is interested in the conservation of the Monarch butterfly through habitat restoration. Unless we restore the Monarch's breeding habitats, the Monarch may not survive as a widespread North American species.

All Monarch Butterfly Farm kits come with milkweed seeds. We urge you to plant the seeds in a home or school butterfly garden. You can also purchase pesticide-free milkweed plants from us.

When the plants mature and the seed pods develop, give some to friends, neighbors, and classmates. Planting a butterfly garden with pesticide-free plants, and passing along the seeds to others, will help the Monarch butterfly survive. In this way, you can ensure the Monarch's return in the spring, and its survival into the next century.